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Date: Wed, 11 Jul 2001 06:55:17 -0400
From: "" <cliff@TOOSERIOUS.COM>
Subject: Anecdotes

Dear Fellow Facilitators and GDSSers,


For fun I am assembling a book of the stupid things I have seen people do to
ruin their organization or company, (a bit like the Dr. Larry book '563 ways
people ruin their lives'.)

Got any anecdotes?

Want to be quoted or remain anonymous?

I'd love to hear from you,


Just a quick one you might already know. The cat from India who designed hotmail, which is a relatively simple program requiring less than a day's work, sold the rights to microsoft for
US$400 million. Unbelievable.
From: petershaw
Date: Tue Nov 21 12:55 AM EST 2000

My preference for graphical expressions of software design was recently
reinforced by my latest development experience: drawing pictures finally allowed
me to comprehend the structure of a piece of software that I had written myself.
Despite the fact that it was coded in a somewhat declarative language (CLIPS)
and implemented as a state machine (with rules representing transitions), I had
long lost track of the overall structure: there were too many states and too
many transitions to remember. When I reverse engineered the diagrams from the
code, the coherence of the design amazed me because much of it had been created on the fly as new needs were recognized.

Sidney Bailin
CTA Inc.






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