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Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools have being used to design information systems. Lower and Upper CASE systems are currently used. More comprehensive tools can be called 'Meta' CASE tools.


IDEAprocessor is presently used as a meta CASE tool to assist meetings were clients, users and information departments get together to conceptualize needs and systems at a very high level. A diagraming tool is required to properly document analysis models. IDEAprocessor's diagraming tools and the K-Language facilitate the requirements analysis phase.


The results can then be used to design the architecture of complex information systems according to the needs and the consensus obtained at the meeting. IdeaProcessor was designed to help experts in different fields to communicate together and develop an action plan. Because of this design, when working with IDEAprocessor, consensus is naturally obtained at the end of the meeting.


The important characteristic of this meta CASE tool is the possibility of diagraming high level discussions and ideas with a very flexible diagraming process and a comprehensive graphical language.


IDEAprocessor is designed to handle complexity, and may be used in conjunction with general or unified modeling languages.


The diagrams may be further refined to model specific aspects of the information system and assist the abstraction process (the design of classes, concepts, objects and methods).

 Today you can take advantage of the K-Language in webIDEApro™



Your organization may use iWorkshop™ , the K-Language™ and IDEAprocessor™ as a meta CASE tool.



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