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How to develop your corporate memory?


To analyze 30 interviews, a researcher and her team were trained by Applied intelligence Atelier to use the Hypermedia analytical capability of IDEAprocessor™.

 Each interview was analyzed in a graphical way using the K-language included in IDEAprocessor™ .

They listened to the recorded interviews and, using IDEAprocessor's graphical language, they represented ideas and relationships as graphical objects. Doing this directly on the computer with IDEAprocessor saved four hours of transcription time.

Each interview was represented graphically on the computer, and a Hypermedia knowledge base was progressively built.

Then, using IDEAprocessor's graphical queries capabilities, each important question was analyzed. The method consists of retrieving a concept from the IDEAprocessor's knowledge base and displaying it on a new graphical board.

The system displays all the concepts in the knowledge base that are related to this central concept. A new diagram or schema is created, edited and printed if needed. As a result, it was easy to 'see' what the interviewed participants had to say on one particular subject.

Today you can take advantage of the K-Language implemented in webIDEApro™



You can also put iWhokshop™, the K-Language and IDEAprocessor™ to work in your organization to organize your corporate memory.



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