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The President of an association wanted to assess the opinions of its members. For that purpose, he invited all the members of the board to build a questionnaire with him. He choose IDEAprocessor™ as a Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) and knowledge managment system , in the context of iWorkshop™


Applied intelligence Atelier trained them to use the K-Language, and IDEAprocessor™, Applied intelligence Atelier's knowledge management technology.


They sat in front of the big computer screen and started brainstorming about the questions and content of the questionnaire. Each idea was represented as a graphical object on the big screen using the K-language™ included in IDEAprocessor™.

Then they related each graphical objects to relevant ones to organize and structure the questions. All the participants could see and participate in the diagram's evolution so consensus was obtained naturally. IDEAprocessor™ helped them organize, sort and create diagrams for their ideas in a collaborative manner.


The questionnaire was easy to write following the final diagrams.

Today you can take advantage of the K-Language implemented in webIDEApro™


iWokshop™, the K-language and IdeaProcessor™ may help you and your board to address important matters



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