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Members of an organization needed to describe and document their processes for an ISO certification. They started by describing and pasting papers on the wall representing the different steps they used to develop their product. However this method had numerous drawbacks. Each modification was a difficult task, some modifications were overlooked, the wall quickly became too small to contain all the material, it was difficult to visualize if all the processes were described with necessary detail. It was not clear what the links were between the elements and the wall soon became too messy. The whole process was too complicated and time consuming. They decided to contact Applied intelligence Atelier [a-i-a.com] for help.


IDEAprocessor™ was put to use to solve their problem, in the context of an iWorkshop™. This activity, done with IdeaProcessor technology, was much easier, complete and doable. What was almost impossible became very quick and easy.


Instead of pasting papers on the wall representing the different steps they used to develop their product they wrote it directly on IDEAprocessor's graphical interface, using IdeaProcessor's graphical language.


Each step was represented by a graphical object and it was easy to sort and establish relationships between them. Upon describing the components of the process and their relationships to each other, a diagram emerged on the screen that clarified the production process.


Details and in-depth descriptions were facilitated by IDEAprocessor's HyperMedia capabilities. Any modifications that were needed were done easily with the graphical interface tools.


Members of the group, who were sitting in a half-circle facing the large projection computer screen were able to 'see' the development process as a diagram. These diagrams served as instant documentation.


Being as everybody's insight was used, consensus came naturally. What had taken them two days to do manually was done in a couple of hours using IDEAprocessor technology.

Today, you can take advantage of the K-Language implemented in the webIDEApro™

iWorkshop™, the K-language™ and IDEAprocessor™ can also help your organization in it's ISO certification program and quality management process.



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