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A manager of an international computer systems project came to seek help from Applied intelligence Atelier [a-i-a.com]. She had to manage and develop a complex information system at the client's site. At first, she had a list of activities that were not related or sorted, all she had were the names. She was unsure about how to organize the activities. The goal was to clarify the ideas and develop a chained logical process.

She represented the activities on IDEAprocessor's graphical interface taking advantage of the K-language™ included with IdeaProcessor™. Her conceptual ideas could now be treated as graphical objects that could be easily manipulated and shared.

In that way, her cognitive work was greatly facilitated by being able to visualize the problem.

Working with the K-language included in IDEAprocessor, she made relationships between the activities and a logical structure emerged in front of her. At any time she could graphically arrange the relationship between activities and declare how they were linked.

When a structure emerged, she was able to prepare diagrams or schemas to explain to the board of directors and the international clients how the computer system should behave. These diagrams also enabled her to prepare a complete manual that described all the processes to install and manage the information system. Her goal was achieved thanks to the structured diagrams which are a natural result of working with IDEAprocessor.

She greatly enjoyed using the K-Language and IDEAprocessor™ and was able to pinpoint why.

The most important aspect for her was that the system improved her capacity to see the relations between activities and to visualize the project in a more logical way. As a natural consequence of this visualization, 'process improvement' is rendered virtually effortless by seeing all the possible courses of action.

One of the aspects of IDEAprocessor she loved is the re-utilization of ideas and information. With a click of a button it is possible to call upon old ideas to combine with new ones.

IDEAprocessor also takes care of the overhead of working with diagrams. If a modification is done it is executed in all the relevant diagrams and Contexts, thus, the work is quick and easy.

She also commented that IDEAprocessor should be used in every computer system project from the very beginning. She realized how much time and effort she could have saved had she used it's strategy development capabilities from the start.

Now you can take advantage of the K-Language implemented in webIDEApro™

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You may also use the K-Language and IDEAprocessor™ for developing a sound strategy for your information system development.


AiA provided her with training and assistance to use IDEAprocessor. See iWorkshop™


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