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Welcome to IDEAprocessor, a technology designed to assist members of a group to capture, visualize, organize and share their ideas and knowledge. And facilitate multiple intelligences power. It is now available on the web as webIDEApro.

It is specially designed to share the tacit knowledge, knowledge interiorized by experts.

Intelligence, according to the Webster On-line dictionary, is related to the capacity to make relationships between ideas. IDEAprocessor™ is designed to augment that capacity. (1)

 It is easy to work with IDEAprocessor. Ask for a Tutorial

To work with IDEAprocessor, you use graphical environments, GraphicBoards and Contexts - which have a graphic surface and a tool bar. And the K-language™ from Applied Intelligence Atelier.

The K-language™ of [a-i-a.com] is and advanced graphical language designed to work with ideas and knowledge taking advantage of the graphical capabilities of today computers. Ask for the movie in QuickTime.

With IDEAprocessor, you may work with text, graphs or multimedia and share your interpretations with other participants in the game of constructing a social meaning, the knowledge, a knowledge map, that may guide the action of the group.

IDEAprocessor is a very flexible knowledge engineering environment .

The user interface takes the form of an graphical idea editor and the display of their relationships. The emphasis is placed on flexibility. The user may, at any time, edit, modify or restructure ideas.

The system produces statistics of the session as well as a log file. It also creates a file that allows the users to continue the work later on and reuse the ideas already discussed.

IDEAprocessor is based on an Ontology of idea sharing and a graphic language, the K-language, that are very easy to use. It is composed of a classification of thing and relationship families. The system has a knowledge base which helps the user make the relationships between things. This way, the cognitive work is greatly facilitated.

As participants work, a structure emerges which is enacted. It is possible to visualize it with the graphical Boards, which shows the structure generated during the work session.

The study and analysis of argumentation is facilitated with the K-Language.

IDEAprocessor facilitate also inference processes.

IDEAprocessor is an element of the iWorkshop™ methodology (i-Workshop)


These are some examples of facilitated tasks:



more about facilitating communication with IDEAprocessor: The K-language™




(1) (in.tel.li.gence\in-'tel-*-j*n(t)s\ n often attrib 1a1: the capacity to apprehend facts and propositions and their relations and to reason about them).






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