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The quality management division of an International Information Company wanted to develop and document their Software Production Life Cycle (SPLC). Instead of using a classical approach of meeting to discuss the problem and then working with a word processor and a drawing program to materialize the ideas, they decided to use Applied intellig ence Atelier's new collaborative work technology which allows immediate documentation to improve their processes. (see iWorkshop}


They sat down in front of a large projected computer screen, paperless, and started to describe the actual situation, with the help of the K-language™, included in IDEAprocessor™. They brainstormed about the different elements that characterized the Software Production Life Cycle (SPLC) starting from the highest level. This was done by using the graphical language (the K-language™) provided by IDEAprocessor that allows them to represent actions and results as graphical objects and establish meaningful relationships between them. The diagrams that resulted represented a new synthesis of the different ideas and documents they had. They were able to 'see' the SPLC as a diagram or schema which helped them organize ideas. Being as everybody's insight and tacit knowledge was used, consensus came naturally.


They then started using the HyperMedia capabilities of IDEAprocessor to describe in detail each SPLC process such as the 'improvement cycle'. The final approved diagram was posted on the intranet for distribution.


To improve their software quality, several other departments used IDEAprocessor™ to model their own practice and compared it with the SPLC. Using IDEAprocessor, it was very quick, easy and pleasant for software groups to describe their activities and improve them.

Today you can take advantage of the K-Language implemented in webIDEApro™



You can also use iWorkshop™, the K-Language and webIDEApro™ to improve your organization's processes.


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