Instant-collaboration at the speed of mind on the cloud with iWorkshop™ and WebIDEApro™

WebIDEApro, A-i-A's Social Collaboration Platform

It is a Shared WhiteBoard Co-construction / Collaborative Tool , a mean to visually communicate and share your ideas in radical real-time, a platform to invite your tribe and start changing the world, combining the power of social networking and real-time collaboration.

It is a Digital Open Space.

You get powerful brainstorm, discussion and understanding, critical thinking and thoughtful decision-making.

Transforming your group in a massively parallel engine for innovation.

If you are interested please contact Applied-intelligence-Atelier

Working together from anywhere, anytime?

Improving Corporate and Organizational Learning?

Improving Corporate and Organizational Training?

Computer Supported Cooperative Work?

Want to invite your tribe and start changing the world?

Looking for interactive and collaborative applications to support virtual teams? To facilitate ideas, infos and knowledge circulation? Creative methods and tools for teams? Social mind-mapping, social idea-mapping?

Real-time account management?

Real-time brainstorming?

Radical productivity improvement?

Tools to facilitate innovation, idea sharing? tools to codify your winning approach and share it?

An Interactive idea management system?

A semantic web of ideas and knowledge?

Wanted to prepare web of ideas, semantic nets, schemas and mind-maps with a social, graphic and systemic approach?

Do you want a succesfull collaborative and interactive approach?

Wanting to test drive a collaborative tool ? A virtual and interactive work environment? Collaborative work on the Web, on the Cloud?

To experience «instant-collaboration at the speed of mind™» on your Internet Browser?

We invite you to test drive webIDEAprocessor™ and the [] Knowledge-Language over the internet, free

See how easy is to develop a collaborative culture with the right tool. A real-time web collaboration for productivity improvement and radical new achievements

See how to build your own IDEA Factory. Your Think Tank. See how to Manage Knowledge Projects. See how to leverage knowledge and the collective intelligence. See how to share knowledge and ideas the interactive way.

See how to describe the know-how of your critical coordinations of actions and leverage it.

Please contact us if you are interested. Learn from the stories of others.

Over the internet, we will be able to work together with webIDEAprocessor™, as shown. We will able to share ours ideas and build a collaborative result. See how new knowledge emerges.

This is an On-demand, Software-as-a-service technology (SaaS), which is available now: contact us for your free account. Contact Applied-intelligence-Atelier

Why WebIDEApro?

If you are interested please contact Applied-intelligence-Atelier

Trabajar desde cualquier lugar, en cualquier momento con su equipo de colaboradores? de manera interactiva? en tiempo real?

Si estás interesado, por favor contáctenos: contactarnos para construir su entorno colaborativo virtual de trabajo en tiempo real y pasar a otro nivel de innovación y productividad. On the Cloud!


If you are interested please contact us




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