Today managers have to manage human resources with less budget. This was true of a group of ten managers from several educational institutions who came to Applied intelligece Atelier for help. A Financial crisis was on the way. They met in a room with a large screen and a computer equipped with IDEAprocessor (see iWorkshop).

Their goal was to discuss new and innovative ways to manage human resources with their reduced budget due to financial cuts on the educational sector.


Facing the large screen, participants do not need paper to work on, they work interactively using the projected computer screen as a medium.


At the beginning, conducted by the facilitator and natural leader of the meeting, the participants brain stormed about the situation. Each time a participant declared an idea, a person playing the role of 'Coach-Facilitator' typed on the computer using IdeaPorcessor to display the idea on the screen. This way, the idea is shared. (AiA may help you). Each participant may use the ideas already declared on the screen to build on.


From the brainstorming session some ideas were drawn on the screen. Then the participants made connections between the ideas to group them. This was done by creating main ideas which embodied the essence of those already on the screen.



Further manipulation of the diagram was done by concentrating on individually on each group.


Being as everybody's insight was used, consensus came naturally at the end of the meeting. The diagrams provided them with the new ways to manage their human resources.


The diagrams were printed so each participant could have their own copy of what was discussed. They didn't have to wait for a transcript of the meeting.


The meeting only lasted two hours. Participants mentioned that the technology and the system saved them time and energy. There was also less stress because it was possible for some participants to leave and come back without hindering productivity. It was also a stimulating experience.

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