A company was experiencing a crisis due to a market change. The situation triggered an internal crisis and the board put up a task force to prepare a plan to be presented at the next board meeting .


Following Applied intelligence Atelier's recommendation, the task force prepared an iWorkshop™ meeting in an isolated and well equipped place. A trained knowledge facilitator and computers loaded with WebIDEApro connected to a large screen was provided by A-i-A. It is possible also to facilitate such a meeting on the Web, using WebIDEApro on your Browser.


They sat down in front of the large screen, paperless, and started to describe the actual situation. They brain stormed about the different elements that characterized the crisis using the graphical language K-language from [a-i-a.com], included in WebIDEApro™. Upon describing the components of the crisis and their relationships to each other, a diagram, a schema, a web of ideas, infos and knowledge emerged on the screen that clarified the cause of the problem (This is a task which is the basis of WebIDEAprocessor's functionality).

They were able to 'see' the problem as a schema which helped them put together ideas to plan a new strategy. Being as everybody's insight was used, consensus came naturally and an action plan was prepared, using K-language easy planning features.


The task force expected to have to work all night but with WebIDEApro's new approach, the crisis was solved in about three hours. It was not necessary to make a write up of their plan since WebIDEAprocessor's working diagrams or schema serve this purpose. A plan was ready to be presented at the next management meeting, using computing on the cloud WebIDEApro functionality: The Board could already tap on the special team ideas.

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