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Innovative Socio-Technical Solutions for the Sharing of ideas and Knowledge Management

The Modern Organization needs to achieve more market impact by leveraging the knowledge, ideas and information of people, by building systems and objects knowledge intensive, by organizing the ideas of the team, and by going beyond knowledge management. Therefore, Applied-intelligence-Atelier 's vision is to facilitate innovation and problem solving by providing leaders and agile organizations with the tools and methodologies that facilitate not only idea management and communication, but the growing of knowledge and the power of understanding and visualizing.

There are three different ways in which you may benefit from Applied-intelligence-Atelier's expertise in knowledge management and development of intellectual-cognitive capital:


Which one you choose should depend on your needs. Our knowledge management strategy : to match your company's present and future needs. Our training will provide you with the ability to exploit the Intellectual Capital technology's full potential.

The purchase of the technology, however, is not required to benefit from [Applied intelligence Atelier]'s expertise, you may benefit from our services to solve a current problem your company is facing. This includes full use of our technology and help from an agile knowledge facilitator.

If you are not sure what knowledge management can do for you, we recommend you visit our 'Benefiting from AiA' page which links to examples of knowledge management in action and see how we can help your company. Or call us.


Knowledge Management is a brand new field emerging at the confluence of organization theory, management strategy and management information systems. The emergence of the Knowledge Society (cf: Drucker) and the increasing realization about knowledge as the most valuable organizational asset are two of several factors that are contributing to the increased relevance of knowledge management. "Within this view, Knowledge Management caters to the critical issues of organizational adaptation, survival and competence in face of increasingly discontinuous environmental change. Essentially, it embodies organizational processes that seek synergistic combination of data and information processing capacity of information technologies, and the creative and innovative capacity of human beings" (Malhotra 1997).


Applied-intelligence-Atelier designs, develops and markets innovative technologies which facilitate idea and knowledge management, idea and knowledge communication.



Applied-intelligence-Atelier's solutions are the place where knowledge craftsmen work together representing problems, building prototypes and creating solutions. They consist of both a methodology and a computer system, which are complementary, technically advanced tools for qualitative and quantitative data processing, content analysis, and system and knowledge management .


Our services are related to AiA's technologies, which include Agile Coworking Spaces available with WebIDEApro technology, the best collaborative ''ideaprocessing'' methodology, and interactive web of working . We assist managers and professionals in complex problem solving using computer assisted data and knowledge management. Examples of services include crisis solving, policy preparation, process re-engineering, strategic planning, focus groups, cognitive analysis of qualitative data and developing Intellectual Capital.


Our training is related to AiA's technologies, which include Intellectual Capital development, collaborative ''ideaprocessing'', knowledge discovery and sharing. We train mangers and professionals to use our approach and techniques of knowledge management and communication to solve their company's complex problems and challenges.







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