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IDEAprocessor™ is a powerful system to build schema and to integrate them.


Let 's say you need to model individual user requirements into a schema or view.

To do that task, you met your client and you both start to work with the K-language™ included in IDEAprocessor™, describing user requirements as graphical objects and making relationships between graphical objects. The result, the schema, is an implementation-independent map constructed using sound principles for data and knowledge modeling. (see iWorkshop)


You will end with several schema and views of several departments covering different organizational areas.


As you work with the K-language and IDEAprocessor, it is continuously integrating on his knowledge base the different schema. Furthermore, you may use the Menu Command 'Open ContextBoard' and produce a high level integration of all the different schema.


As a consequence, a number of different schema can be seen into a global, more abstract schema, that usually takes the form of a tree. That tree shows also the deep of the structure of the knowledge base that emerged from your effort.

Now you may do that online with your co-workers all over the world with webIDEApro™



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