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Applied intelligence Atelier [a-i-a.com] offers several services of consulting in the domain of knowledge management and intellectual capital development, including innovative information technologies, knowledge engineering and collaborative work. Our Knowledge Management consulting services take advantage of our technologies of Computer Aided Collaborative Work. We offer our services in several languages. (English, Français, Castellano)

Our services include iWorkshop™, and Strategic Knowledge Management Development


The people dimension is the key issue: 'to do the best'. Therefore, we offer services related to acquiring, retaining and developing your team's ideas and knowledge to give your enterprise a competitive edge. Today knowledge transfer and sharing is an important issue for organizations.


Our services may be offered at our offices, at your premises or over the internet. The services include our technologies to help you and your corporation to meet your goal.


Examples of services: (Contact us if your needs are not described)


  • Developing a Strategic Strategy of Knowledge Management


  • Knowledge Management


  • Knowledge Transfer and Sharing


  • Facilitation of communication between groups


  • Facilitation of the definition and solution of complex problems encountered by work teams and task groups involved in qualitative data processing, brainstorming and decision making.


  • Assistance to the software design and cognitive ergonomics.


  • Assistance for distributed groups.


  • Planning and execution of any kind of statistical analysis: descriptive, inferential or predictive analysis, to find meaning hidden in data.


  • Assistance in the development of Intranet and corporate memories.


  • Knowledge acquisition, representation and knowledge base development.


  • Artificial Intelligence work applied to Knowledge Base systems.


  • Computer assisted commitments and promises management.


  • Computer assisted, network based collaborative group work.


  • Turnkey solutions for innovative communication and information technologies.


  • Studies and broker services in new technologies to develop projects spanning over geographic areas, such as Canada and Latin-America.


  • Competitive Intelligence.


  • Personalized coaching of complex problem solving with our technologies, for managers and professionals - on our site or your environment.


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