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IDEAprocessor™ is a new generation Computer Supported Cooperative Work technology. It is composed of a K-Language™ and a methodology, iWorkshop™. The goal is to facilitate idea and knowledge management and communication with a graphical and intuitive approach. It facilitate the organization of ideas of the team. It permits simultaneous access by various individuals within a work group to diagram building fragment by fragment which leads to concept formation. The joint effort promotes shared understanding and consensus. IdeaProcessor facilitates the visualization of problems and their solutions. It is a knowledge management tool, an 'ideator' (an idea and strategies editor), a groupware, a powerful mind-mapping system, and a meta-CASE tool. Knowledge has been described as a critical competitive asset of organizations. Imagine the best tool to develop your intangible assets and your Corporate Memory: IdeaProcessor!

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Statex is a powerful knowledge base system which allows data mining (the extraction of meaning from a numeric data base) without deep statistical knowledge. The software helps the user to organize data, decides on appropriate methods, executes the analysis and provides guidance for the interpretation of results.

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The Applied intelligence Atelier products were born between 1986 and 1992 at a Research Centre in Canada (Centre for Information Technology Innovation - CITI) where they were nurtured with innovative technologies, in particular artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences. Then they were used in different applications, both in Canada and abroad (Europe, Latin America). We collaborate with several people that Beta-test in different countries. They are improved every day!





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