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Corporate Training and Learning, Organizational Learning, Knowledge Management, Knowledge Assets, Collaboration Development Training and Coaching

Online and Face-to-Face

Courses and Coaching for Managers and Professionals at your place, at our Lab and ONLINE. Several Languages available. Ask for more info.

Do you want to learn how to value your knowledge assets? Create and Innovate? How to develop your knowledge to improve your process? How to develop networks to innovate?

Among the isues, with the aging workforce posing a very real concern in Canada and other countries as well, many executives are looking for new ways to transfer skills to their younger employees. The companies want to share and gain knowledge amongst each other team member.

1.- Introduction to Knowledge Management; What are the important distinctions? What is Knowledge, Action? How we learn and produce Knowledge? How to share and transfer Knowledge? The components of Knowledge Capital? Digital Capital? How to Leverage Knowledge? Leadership, Knowledge, Passion...

2.- Project Management of Knowledge Management Initiatives: Managing the intangible. How to Manage the Tasks of Acquisition, Structuring and Sharing Knowledge? Knowledge Management Solutions. Case Studies. Building your own practical solution.

3.- Advanced Knowledge Management. Computer Assisted Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Development. Learn to leverage Knowledge using ergonomic designed software and methodologies. Facilitating the Multiple Intelligences Collaboration and Instant-Collaboration™. Tools for your IDEA Factory.

You will learn how to do computer assisted collaboration to maximize knowledge management and communication using our iWorkshop™ and webIDEAprocessor™ technologies. How to use [a-i-a.com] graphic K-Language™ to share Knowledge.

In brief:

We offer training in computer-assisted idea, info and knowledge management, communication, knowledge engineering, analysis, and problem solving. Learn how to take advantage of the Organization 2.0 concepts and practices of Knowledge Management.

Courses include theoretical underpinning and practical applications and are group oriented with special attention to individual needs in order to facilitate computer assisted work.

One of the key concepts is that work is 'to use languages' and media, studying language and communication processes to facilitate synergy of the multiple intelligences.

Applied-intelligence-Atelier is a member of the Quebec Association for Organizational Psychology (Société Québecoise de Psychologie du Travail et des Organisations), the leader of the KM-GC-MONTREAL the K-NET and the Laboratorio de Aprendizaje, Creatividad e Innovacion.

Also available:

  • Emotional and Collaborative Work training
  • Stress management and Well-Being training
  • Learning and e-learning Projects
  • Multiple Intelligences Development
  • SCORE program: training and developping success skills

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