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Knowledge Management and Collaborative Work

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 Tasks facilitated by iWorkshop™

  • knowledge acquisition
  • knowledge structuring
  • building ontologies
  • knowledge transfer and sharing
  • problem solving and mediation
  • learning
  • meta-level design and planning
  • intranet design
  • knowledge base development
  • knowledge engineering
  • consensus and meaning building
  • brainstorm
  • creative work
  • cognitive work
  • group work
  • schema, semantic net and knowledge mapping
  • e-learning design
  • knowledge mining

What participants and users tell us

«It goes well beyond our expectations»
«we got a new meaning»

«it allows us to gain understanding about important issues in our business to be the best»


To see iWorkshop™ in action

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You may want to improve your understanding of a situation to go for your goal. iWorkshop helps you improve your understanding taking advantage of the distributed intelligence in your work group.

When Isabelle, a young manager, talk to us, she was looking for a method to help her group to understand the best way to finance their goal: they wanted to go to Tibet and learn the Tibetan culture. «How to find the best way to finance that dream with incomplete knowledge and group difficulties?», she tell us.

With the iWorkshop technology, we helped each subgroup to express and share their point of view. They used the K-language™ (included in iWorkshop™) they had just learned to communicate and share their partial knowledge. They obtain a better understanding of the different alternatives, even with the incomplete knowledge of the specific solution. They were able to gain a better understanding of the different solutions and build a new one, who emerged as « evident » from what was in the screen. We printed out the solution they have built. After some time, we received a postal card from Tibet: we make it!

What is your story?


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