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Artwork : © 2002 Roberto Muzard

 «your knowledge assets are as important as a Stradivarius»

(Professor Emeritus at Queens University -Canada- Norman Macintosh, author of Accounting, Accountants and Accountability, Routledge, 2002)

«the power of understanding»

(Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, 2001)

You want:

  • to understand how to be the best in your field or industry?
  • to organize the ideas of the team?
  • to leverage knowledge assets?
  • innovate?
  • to transform tacit knowledge and information in know-how?
  • to leverage intellectual capital assets?
  • manage uncertainty?
  • to learn by doing?
  • to do knowledge mining?
  • to produce measurable and efficient results?
  • to develop products and services knowledge-intensive?
  • to do knowledge management and intellectual capital development
  • to implement learning organization tools?
  • to solve organizational problems?
  • tools for the intelligent organization?
  • to describe and share your best practices and processes?


iWorkshop™ is an addictive knowledge management and computer assisted collaborative work approach, ask the users!


What Users
are Doing with iWorkshop™

  • understanding how to be the best
  • transforming tacit knowledge and information in know-how
  • leveraging intellectual capital from participants and other sources
  • modeling and documenting best-practices
  • learning by doing
  • to acquire, transform, structure, and share knowledge
  • developing intellectual capital
  • producing measurable and efficient results
  • implementing learning organization practices
  • building ontologies
  • building knowledge maps, semantic nets and schemas
  • building knowledge-bases
  • doing collaborative work
  • e-learning
  • developing knowledge-intensive products and services
  • modeling best-practices
  • managing their social and relational capital
  • building the semantic web
  • discovering knowledge gems in their knowledge garden
  • doing strategic planning
  • knowledge mining
  • doing mediation
  • buildng new meanings and innovating


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