K-LAB for Knowledge-Lab

You are welcome to participate. Come with a co-worker. This is a social and co-working experience.

The last months we have been reflecting on the Knowledge-Labs about Learning, Co-Creation,
Agile Co-Working, Motivation, Open Space , Agile Collaboration. How to Open Agile Collaborative Spaces on the Web. How to mobilize the collective intelligence and encourage collaboration and agile co-working in real time.

We have been doing in parallel three Knowledge-Labs with different language communities, in English, French and Spanish. Each Language offer different way to name what we perceive and distinctions we can make. For example, Knowledge in French is «connaissance» and «savoir». «Savoir» is close to the meaning of Tacit Knowledge.

Reflecting on the vision that Knowledge is both the Experience and the associated Emotion that emerges with it. I do and it feel good.

Several participants have make contributions. Their ideas and comments are interconnected in the semantic net schema on the Visual and Graphic Knowledge Base, the CoWorking Shared Space on the WebIDEApro platform.

How we do it?

A Knowledge lab is a space of intelligent conversations done with pleasure and trust, with zero tolerance to any form of harassment. If you are in the Montreal area, you may want to join us in our « Creative Space G99 ». If you are in a place with Internet access, you are invited to join us online.Or in a CoWorking Space near you!

K-LAB, a short version for Knowledge-Lab, is a virtual space where agile knowledge specialist craft ideas, information, and knowledge through an ongoing online dialogue and a visual language.  K-LAB can be thought of as an online Knowledge-Café, a virtual Open Shared Space in real time on Internet, a Co-Working Space in real time.

Proposed Theme:

The Personal and Organizational Agile Transformations triggered by the Digital Tsunami

Come to share your ideas and experiences.

K-LAB is now scheduled for

Additionally, as part of the K-LAB requires the use of newly-minted WebIDEApro technology, we offer a 15m free interactive Practice that will equip you with the basic skills needed to participate in this event. Just before the K-LAB. See more here:

Interactive Training and Practice

Keep in mind that the K-LAB is a virtual event with participants joining from all over the websphere, including those across the pond, over the Rockies, and down south.

As space is limited, we require registration, confirmation, and few details about yourself. To register for the K-Lab event and the Practice, please visit our registration page. You will receive the Invitation Code for your new WebIDEApro Account and the practical information to participate. We also use Zoom with ID: 514 684 9574.

K-Lab Registration

We hope to see you there!

Your comments are alway very welcome!

You may invite a friend, it is more fun together!

The K-NET Team

To register for this event, please follow the link

K-Lab Registration

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Past Knowledge-Labs are available on the WebIDEApro Platform
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See the Take 1 Video recorded at the last K-LAB
Executive Summary Video of the Sept 2014 Knowledge-LAB