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Applied Intelligence Atelier (A-I-A)

Applied Intelligence (A-iA)is a - human capital, cloud-oriented organization based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada that provides collaboration solutions for personal and organizational wide initiatives. Using state-of-the-art instant collaboration mapping software, A-i-A's WebIDEApro, allows members utilizing the tool to share ideas and knowledge instantly in real time through a web interface- a WhiteBoard, a virtual wall, -, without geographical barriers, and co-construct webs of ideas.This give a tremendous value to the organization, the emergence of the group intelligence.. Additionally, A-i-A offers consulting and training services to organizations, government agencies on matters relating to Collaborative and Agile Knowledge Networks practices and/or to adile and transformative knowledge management strategic planning.

A-i-A plays hosts to a number of Collaborative knowledge netwotks and innovation communities based in Montreal, Canada, and hosted in Spanish, French, and English.

Taking the Business Value of Enterprise Modeling and Collaboration to New Heights on the Pst-Digital and Cognitive Wawe.

Facilitating Hight Achievement Teams reach disruptive amazing performance

We provide a Cloud-based environment through which organizations can bring the benefits of enterprise modeling and collaboration to a broad range of business users

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