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K-NET - Knowledge-NET - is a play ground of agile knowledge management enthusiasts. We use this informal space to raise awareness on emerging technologies; to debate and discuss the impact of collaborative socialization on work and life; and to raise awareness of new agile forms of conducting business with knowledge management methodologies. Such as Agile Co-Working in real time. It is our goal to bring to life numerous Agile Knowledge Management (KM) conversations on topics as diverse as:

- Agile post-digital organizational transformation

- Co-development Group for Action

- Prevention and Management of Unexpected Events

- Emergency Management and Prevention

- Knowledge mobilization

* Knowledge Transfer and circulation
* Learning and Innovation

* Collaborative Web Semantic and Real-Time technologies
* Cultural and organizational barriers to knowledge sharing
* Characteristics of knowledge sharing cultures
* Schema and idea mapping, tagging, connecting in blogsphere
* Knowledge Management Tools
* Collective Intelligence
* Real Time Co-construction of solutions
* Virtual Open Space Approach
* Peer to Peer collaboration in real time

* Collaborative brainstorming

* Visual Thinking and Problem-Solving

Using state of the art technology, free online tools, and cognitive processing collaborative technology such as WebIDEApro, K-NET hosts meetup events titled Knowledge-LAB. Set up somewhere in between the hybrid realities of the virtual world and incarnate physical space, K-LAB and K-NET push the notion that connectivity, the sharing of ideas, and the progression of knowledge are borderless, ultimately pluralistic, inclusive, and the way of an improved future.

As a group of that is thrilled by the the buzz in the websphere, who fear not connecting the dots and disjoining them in order reassemble and co-create stronger intellectual-human structures, our passion is sharing, growing, inventing and generally making the world (and workplace too) a better place.

If you find our propositions tantalizing and/or are simply curious about Agile Knowledge Management Transformation and technology, come share your ideas at K-LAB. Drop a comment, collaborate, and become part of a growing network of like-minded, forward thinking peers.

The K-NET community welcomes you to explore with us the way of the future.

Your comments are welcome!

The K-NET team

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