May 25, 2022

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

Free Registration for the K-LAB event ::

You are invited to participate in the co-design of a web of ideas in a virtual whiteboard, in an intuitive and co-construction way, within a mindful silence : a powerful new way of collaboration in real time.

Program :

  • Arrival with energy and Introductions
  • Mindful Silent work on the co-construction space using the Intuitive Visual K-Language
  • Open comments
  • Retrospective and final comments

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Knowledge-LAB 2022 May 25 :: 13:01 New York - Toronto Time

Free Registration for the K-LAB event ::

What if our values relates to a more #GREEN world. a more #DIGITAL world, More #WELLBEING, More #COLLABORATION, #CREATING and #USING more #KNOWLEDGE ?

If those values are important to you, then we invite you to participate on our next Knowledge-LAB.

You will receive an edited video after the event.