October 19, 2022

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EDT

Last week I was talking with Consuelo (Linkedin Consuelo Correa Gana) and Jose Pedro (Linkedin José Pedro Marquez Avilés) at La Bêtise, a Wellington Street well designed Resto in Verdun, Montreal. We were reflecting about Design, Creativity and Finance. We saw that Design is giving a new life to the Wellington street, a new value. From that conversation emerges the new theme of our next Knowledge-LAB, Creativity and Bussiness Plan in a VUCA context . How organisations are moving in this complex adaptive system, in this complex adaptive economy ? How the local bubbles are moving, interacting, innovating, and what emerges from that ? Join us an we shall explore the local interactions of the ideas of the participants.

Date: October 19, 2022 Hour: 13H, Montreal, New York time Zone. (EST) Online Event

What is a Knowledge-LAB? It is a social game. Where ? In a special virtual interface with a visual language we call the K-Language. We start recognizing ourselves as human beings introducing who we are (Name and web link) and where (City), all interconnected on the Blue Planet.

Then we move to the Co-Construction Space and we start working in a Mindful silence doing a write-storming of ideas about the theme. We share our ideas and we draw links between them on the virtual space, no matter where we are. From the initial chaos will emerge something, that is the beautiful surprise, a web of interconnected ideas shared by participants.

And then we share in a working-aloud-way what we shared in silence.

New ideas may emerge, new links, new patterns.

Finally, we write down what we think has emerged from the Knowledge-LAB.

Amazing experience ! You are welcome !

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    Joel Muzard, Ph.D.