September 27, 2023

1:00 pm – 3:00 pm EDT

Knowledge-LAB 2023-09-27 invitation

Human - Machine Integration via the Deconstruction of the Core tasks of your organization. What are the boring, time consuming and low values tasks ?

Well you know We have been hosting Knowledge-Labs from several years. The idea is that several minds can do a lot together, and the social mind emerge when we learn to collaborate

So we have been designing a digital ecosystem to facilitate that and empower people to do that in their work environment, in their own context

Our Applied-Intelligence-Atelier Knowledge Lab is an experience of making emerge the magic of the group.

We invite you because it is our understanding that we share some of the values such as to develop creativity and curiosity and the need to systemize your core tasks !!!

The THEME: How to isolate the important but low-value, time-intensive foundational tasks of our core tasks that an AI app can actually do better and faster than a human? So we are going to do Human-Machine integration !!!

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I invite you to watch the Invitation Video here (6 min):


    Joel Muzard, Ph.D.